The Magnetic Oxides Research Repository was funded by the Austrian Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF).

All the data in the repository belongs to the Magnetic Oxides Group at the Johannes Kepler University and is licensed under the creative commons license CC-BY 4.0.


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Data Upload Process

The data upload will be uploaded in a way that the intellectual property rights of the researchers are protected. For each sample (or a collection of samples) two different types of data exist.

  • sorted raw data

This is the actual measurement data obtained from the experiments but without “uninteresting” machine specific data (for example the liquid Helium filling level of a SQUID magnetometer). The data is uploaded in ASCII format for easy handling. If the data consist also of plots or graphics it is tried to upload them in standard formats (.png, .pdf, .jpg) as well.

  • metadata of samples

The metadata of a sample contains crucial information for the interpretation of the measurement data like chemical composition, thickness, layer sequence, growth conditions etc.

In a first step before publication only sorted raw data will be uploaded and the metadata will be kept private. Only after the publication in a second step also the metadata is added to the samples. Each specimen and dataset is indexed with different tags (measurement techniques, sample system and publication – journal and number) to help identifying the right set of data.


We ask Users to acknowledge and cite data sources properly in all publications and outputs by using the persistent identifier (DOI) which will be added here shortly.

Data Access and Users

There is not requirement to login or create a user to look at data in the repository. Just type a Tag of your choice into the search bar on the start screen and You automatically get a list of datasets connected to that tag. Otherwise click on the Organizations section on the start screen and browse all the Datasets of the Organization.

At the moment creating a user only gives the advantage to follow specific organizations, groups or datasets.

Personal Data for User creation

The following personal information is needed for creating a USER (which is not mandatory to access the Data!) and logging into the repository:

  • Name
  • self-chosen Username
  • e-mail address
  • password

Furthermore, changes done in the Repository are protocolled.

Personal data will be deleted on request of a User and is not disclosed to any third parties outside the Magnetic Oxides Data repository team.

Last Update: 23.05.2018